This ICO is disrupting the Financial Services Industry


Everyone wants to make money. But up until recently, only the high net-worth individuals could afford personalised advisory solutions that would manage the investment portfolios in exchange for charging high fees. These personal wealth manager would access sophisticated tools and specific information while the retail investor would end up on the “losing” side of the trade. Such information asymmetries were spotted by Mr. Bobby Bhatia during his private equity banking career of 25 years across J.P Morgan, AIG and O’Connor & Associates. 3 years ago, in 2014, he decided to venture out on his own and founded TrakInest – A virtual social trading platform that democratises investing. TrakInvest aims to empower the retail investor with AI tools that create a level playing field removing the information asymmetry that has plagued them for so many years.

Headquarted in Singapore, with operations in India, Thailand and Hong Kong, TrakInvest boasts of a strength of 100,000+ users. TrakInvest is the world’s first virtual social trading platform that crowd sources fundamental and social trading data to generate profitable trading signals and ideas. The Platform is available on web, mobile and facebook messenger providing users the ability to build virtual trading portfolios, share and learn on a peer-to-peer basis and gain certifications and employment opportunities in the financial services sector.

TrakInvest also provides automated advisory solutions known as robo-advisory, algorithm-based advice at nominal cost. As a result, the services of traditional wealth managers are being commoditized as retail customers gain access to wealth creation opportunities through websites such as TrakInvest, online, on-the-go anytime anywhere.

UnEmployability in Asia

Asia has the largest millennial youth population in the world and almost a third of it is unemployed. Young graduates are simply not qualified in the right skills for the jobs that are available in the market. As per a PwC study, about 48% of the CEOs complain of not being able to find the right talent. TrakInvest is solving this core employability issue with its ecosystem of niche certifications and placements. TrakInvest has partnered with key companies, universities and local governments across the region to execute this initiative

TrakInvest also plans to launch 250 ‘TrakInvest labs’ and ‘centres of excellence’ across universities in India, Thailand and Singapore over the next 18 months. This will not only promote investing as a life skill but also expose, train, and re-skill technical talent on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as a way of giving back to the growing cryptocurrency community.

Move to Cryptocurrency

TrakInvest faced a rising demand from its community to move to blockchain and launch its own cryptocurrency. This currency known as the “TRAK” Token is based on Ethereum ERC20 standards. The token launch will introduce a reward economy where the producers of trading data, insights and sentiments will be globally rewarded in a transparent and frictionless manner. Backed by a powerful tech stack and the strength of Ethereum’s Open community network, the ecosystem has a strong technical foot holding.

“The concept of social trading and the concept of cryptocurrency came together nicely because now we could actually set an incentivisation and a monetisation model not only for TrakInvest but also for its users” says Mr. Bobby Bhatia, Founder & CEO, TrakInvest

TrakInvest Future Vision

TrakInvest will develop its current virtual equity trading platform to include virtual trading and simulation games for cryptocurrencies. TrakInvest will also launch AI powered Sentiment analysis tool for both equities and crypto-currencies. These act as social listening tools for crowdsourced asset sentiment to generate profitable equity trading signals and ideas. Essentially, the future of trading.

Founder Profile & ICO details

Bobby Bhatia has been an ex-private equity banker with 25 years of experience in J.P Morgan Asia, AIG Asia and O’Connor & Associates. The TRAK token will be made available through the Pre – ICO sale at a 23% discount beginning 16 December 2017. All details and whitepaper available on

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