The Signal Founder Has a Plan to Fix Cryptocurrency


Many cryptocurrencies are trying to replace Bitcoin by offering faster and cheaper transactions. The founder of the popular messaging app Signal has a plan to truly fix cryptocurrency.
High Transaction Fees

Today Bitcoin managed to break a new all-time high price. The demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has drastically risen in the last couple of months, as more and more experts believe that the sector is going to rapidly grow in the next years. But as the transaction volume of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are steadily rising, the transaction times and fees are also rising.
According to the website, the current average Bitcoin transaction fee costs around $19,99. The high fee costs may not be ideal for users that want to purchase simple and daily items like a cup of coffee or a pizza. Users have resorted to using different cryptocurrencies in order to save costs and time.
The Solution by Signal founder

Many new cryptocurrencies have emerged that are trying to tackle the current problems that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have. The founder of the famous end-to-end messaging app Signal, Moxie Marlinspike, is working on a new digital currency that is planning to offer simple, …

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