SelfSell Reached DAVOS, World Economic Forum 2018

Last year can be called the year of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has created its space even in the layman’s account and cryptocurrency is the new red of the season. The huge rise in values of Bitcoin along with other Altcoins during 2017 have captivated interests of all major financial stakeholders of the world, including governments of countries and economic forums. There is no surprise that the biggest Economic Forum in the World has chosen cryptocurrencies and its rise as one of its Agenda.

World Economic Forum happening in Davos, Switzerland started today with a torrent of attendees. Among them are U.S. President Trump, Indian Prime Minister Modi, European Commission President Juncker, French President Mark Long, a throng of world leaders, regulatory officials, and members of international agencies. Alongside this delegation are many enthusiasts who belong to the world of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, developers, and researchers. One among them being Li Yuan- Founder of SelfSell.

As we have mentioned earlier, SelfSell has been one among the most amazing ICOs of 2017. Built with a vision of having an individual based man- made NASDAQ, it allows talented individuals to leverage themselves by generating gains in the current scenario on the basis of expected future value that they are expected to generate. It is crafting a new way of investment, a new ecosystem, and a new era on a global scale. Investees sole obligation is to give their investors a regular return within the time specified in the smart contract.

One of the global themes of this organisation has been “Strengthening Cooperation in a Differentiated World” to explore ways to return investment to its essence and to share cumulative value with rest of the world and SelfSell exactly does the same.

Cryptocurrencies are expected to become the pillars upon which rests a new generation of protocols supporting a technologically evolved international financial system. And when SelfSell has brought the ultimate essence of value creation i.e. People to the portfolio of investors, it is justified that its founder talk about it at world level. It subverts the traditional approach to investment and financing by bringing new possibilities to a fragmented world. It will inspire the unlimited potential of top-level talents, which will be an effective promotion to the development of world economy.

His speech was scheduled for 24th January, 2018. Also, Li Yuan once revealed that SelfSell team has completed the project layout in Europe and Southeast Asia. The Cooperation and Technical Docking in Britain, Switzerland, France, Singapore and other countries have been completed. Li Yuan’s invitation to attend the Davos sub-forum has further strengthened its investment concept to world’s Business.

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