Introducing DenCity: World’s First Blockchain Enabled City


It’s high time we do something like this

Blockchain technology truly has been one of the biggest inventions after Internet in 1991.

In the past few years, many blockchainstartups have come up in different sectors ranging from healthcare to education. However, a city built on Blockchain encompasses everything and puts all these services into one bucket.

This is our vision behind building DenCity, world’s first blockchain enabled city.

Location, Climate & Landscape

DenCity, located on the banks of Den river, has more than a third of its area covered with lush green grass and forests. The remaining part of the city is covered with plain lands where people can come and set up their homes, industries and marketplaces.

Only 17.3% of the area is covered with ready-made villas while the remaining area is empty land which is open for sale to the new denizens.


Talking about amenities, there are more than 500 villas available for sale in DenCity. Along with these villas, DenCity features parks and other recreational centres such as gyms, spas and many more.

Here, you can buy a villa or get a completely customized home for yourself in a budget.

Blockchain Enabled City

The above listed features make DenCity at par with any other city in the world. But, what makes DenCity different from every other city in the world is the fact that it is the world’s first blockchain enabled city. The currency of DenCity is a standard ERC20 token, named DNX.

In DenCity, decentralization covers all the important aspects of a city which are broadly Governance, Economy, Digital ID, and Marketplaces. They have been explained in detail below: –


In DenCity, we don’t have a group of people who decide what is best for the general public. It is the people who decide what is the best course of action for themselves. For voting purposes CASTX protocol is implemented enabling the Denizens to vote in this truly democratic utopia.


The use of ethereum-blockchain enables decentralised economy in DenCity.

DNX Token, an ERC20 compliant token, is the official currency of DenCity, and can be used to avail all the products and services this city and its citizens have to offer.

Blockchain Enabled Digital ID

We have come up with a full proof Blockchain enabled Digital ID system which is un-hackable due to the underlying technology.

Denizens, will be qualified as citizens only after going through this Digital ID system. This system will act as a basic proof for the denizen to avail all the services provided by the people in the DenCity ecosystem.


In DenCity, Blockchain enabled marketplaces will be centre of all the market activity in the city and the basic currency for every transaction is DNX.

To become a Denizen:-

Well, you don’t need to go anywhere because,


DenCity is a Blockchain and AI powered meta verse that provides its user completely immersive experience using VR technology.

To become a Denizen, all you need to do is to have an occupation and a residence in DenCity which you can easily have by buying some DNX tokens.

To explore your future residence a little more, click here.

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