ICO Era Is Over, Meet the New Hype on Blockchain — Crypto Token Wars!

Game studio Chatrobotic announces Fishbank, the upcoming PvP mmo based upon the Ethereum blockchain.
After a number of stunning ICOs managed to collect millions of dollars gone to develop their products for years to come, it became quite obvious that the only practical implementation of blockchain technology at the moment is… a digital kitten collectibles game.
If breeding and adoring cuties have resulted in congestion of the whole Ethereum network, it is hard even to predict what impact a full-featured blockchain game can make.
The new kid on the block is the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game on smart contracts called “Fishbank.” It represents quite aggressive PvP (player-versus-player) gameplay with open-sourced fighting mechanics and global leaderboards called the “food chain.”

Every player owns a fish that is, in fact, a digital ERC-721 token stored on the Ethereum blockchain. It acts like any other cryptocurrency and can be transferred, gifted, or sold to other players.
The core parameter of the fish token is the weight which defines its size and influence. Fish are able to gain weight by hunting others and taking bites off of losers. The main objective for a player is to increase the …

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