CryptoKitties Game Launches On The Ethereum Blockchain

CryptoKitties is an interesting new gaming experiment for desktop computers, allowing users to breed, collect and trade virtual cats on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Cats and the internet would appear to be synonymous, so it comes as no surprise to see cutting edge technology and technologists embracing our feline friends as part of their development focus. CryptoKitties, which launched earlier in the week attempts to gamify the experience of using the Ethereum blockchain, aiming to entertain and hopefully inform users of use case scenarios whilst also providing experience using blockchain driven applications.
According to CryptoKitties Marketing Director Elsa Wilk:
Blockchain technology could be the biggest technology revolution since the Internet, but opportunists, investment froth, and a lack of consideration for everyday consumers is distracting folks from the technology’s long-term potential.
Other more lighthearted attempts to explain or use cryptocurrency are relatively rare, with only Dogecoin previously successfully providing what could be termed as a “fun” platform for users to experiment with digital wallets, able to generate addresses as well as sending and receiving transactions.

The game itself requires a desktop or laptop based Chrome browser, some Ethereum and the MetaMask wallet which is specifically designed …

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