Have you ever thought how much your data is worth? This is a difficult question in this current data-driven economy. Data is gold and it has become a key factor to determine a company’s market worth. Data allows small and medium enterprises to participate in the big race against large companies. Data can be used for developing a wide array of applications such as inventory management software, predictive analytics or machine learning. With Cryptelo, users can expect revolutionary use cases which will be ground-breaking in the field of data sharing.

What is Cryptelo?

Cryptelo offers pioneering software solutions for business communication with the maximum level of security. Cryptelo platform allows a safe exchange of data for different use cases. This data transfer network allows users to select the participants with whom they would like to share the data. Users can evidently track their data to identify for which use-cases their data will be utilized.

Cryptelo is focussed on solving challenges related to Big Data with an objective to utilize the data maintained by businesses of any level by making it accessible in a market to potential customers with the help of Blockchain. The shared data can be applied in distributed AI applications and business solutions for developing efficient and effective corporate procedures. Cryptelo mainly focuses on data available with small and medium business in various markets, for example, marketing and sales data, financial and budget data and so on. All parties who will be willing can sell their information to concerned parties in this market.

Data Accessibility made easy for SMEs

Cryptelo is powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT) or Blockchain, which offers an edge to SMEs over other data-sharing platforms. Distributed applications are better as they are more trustworthy as all the data shared on the network is immutable and is accessible to all members. Users will have an advantage as they can thoroughly evaluate the quality of data and decide what they would need. Users can directly connect with relevant applications for real-time data exchange process. Cryptelo platform is built on Ethereum Blockchain which uses smart contracts as the programming language. Hence, it offers maximum security while sharing or monetizing public data present in a reliable network of verified participants.

With data becoming the driving force for businesses, small and medium enterprises are looking out for smart and safe data sharing platforms. Cryptelo offers an advanced platform where businesses can share and monetize public information using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology. This data-exchange platform is cryptographically safe and will allow simpler implementation and navigation processes. Cryptelo’s platform is continuously learning and adopting current digital models in this ever-evolving data-driven world of business and hence have something to offer to all businesses.

Companies will be allowed to access Cryptelo’s online ecosystem and buy data from the marketplace. In this way, Cryptelo envisions to monetize SME data using blockchain technology as companies will get high-quality data within a secured and transparent data sharing environment.

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