Boston College or university Study Links Twitter With ICO Success

A new review published by the Boston College or university Carroll School of Management has uncovered that there is a sizeable correlation in between the accomplishment of an ICO and the level of activity recorded on its Twitter account.

The review, published by Dr. Leonard Kostovetsky and Hugo Benedetti, used sample info from a lot more than 4,000 ICOs which took spot in between January 2017 and March 2017, elevating a full of $12 billion.

ICO Startup Survival Charge

According to the review, the put up-ICO survival charge of cryptocurrency startups stands at about 44 %. Putting that figure in viewpoint, the survival charge of standard off-chain providers right after an IPO is believed at 49 %. This implies that the crypto market, though nonetheless to some degree inefficient, is fast locating its ft.

Facts gathered from 5 different ICO checking platforms determined that the ICO industry is nonetheless an immature one particular, which sales opportunities to a obvious underpricing of tokens. This underpricing is what sales opportunities to the near-ubiquitous price tag rises when tokens are detailed and start out investing on exchanges.

The review places the common enhance in between ICO price tag to trade-detailed price tag at a significant 179 %, though it is specified that the industry is starting up to mature, which will direct to considerably less considerable underpricing in the long run.

According to the paper, the common quantity lifted in an ICO is $11.5 million, though the median quantity is $3.8 million. The gap in between the two figures is prompted by the occasional “mega ICOs” this sort of as EOS which skewed the industry common during the sample period.

Interestingly, of the in excess of 2,000 completed ICOs in the review sample selection, only 48 % declared a good harmony. The other 52 % was produced up of ICOs with undeclared capital balances, ICOs that failed to strike their comfortable cap, triggering refunds to investors, fraudulent ICOs that absconded with investor cash, and ICOs that had been announced but did not conclude up taking spot.

Twitter And The ICO

Perhaps the most essential information contained in the report is that there is a good correlation in between an ICO’s level and record of activity on Twitter and its likelihood of successfully elevating the necessary capital and executing. Study info confirmed a immediate good correlation in between the size of time an ICO’s Twitter account has been in existence pre-ICO and its likelihood of survival.

According to the info, ICOs that produced it to the trade listing phase had an common of 9.4 months of Twitter record. In other words, the shorter the ICOs pre-start record, the reduced the chance it has of becoming thriving, which will no doubt come as an exciting insight to potential ICO investors.

Aside from Twitter record, the regularity of Twitter engagement is a further key metric that reveals a good correlation with ICO accomplishment. The info confirmed that the a lot more the range of tweets an ICO put out, the bigger the quantity of capital it successfully lifted. Interesting as this may be though, the researchers did level out that correlation must not be misconstrued as causation.

That notwithstanding, the info in the report reveals a really crystal clear correlation in between Twitter use and ICO accomplishment or failure. The correlation is so terrific in simple fact that researchers had been even ready to properly verify the health of an ICO by measuring its put up-ICO Twitter activity. Twitter accounts with zero activity 5 months right after the ICO corresponded perfectly with ICO failure, which indicates that put up-ICO twitter activity is statistically a 100% exact proxy for ICO health.

Audience can accessibility the full review report titled, Electronic Tulips? Returns to Buyers in First Coin Offerings here.


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